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Welcome To Cheba Creamery

Our ice cream is infused with high quality cannabis so that you can take care your health and taste buds.

Our Services

We don't just make ice cream, click on Services button and see all our services.
  • Custom Edibles

    Birthday cake, pancakes, or muffins, our chef can infuse cannabis to any baked edible of your choice. Call or email us for any special request.
  • Delivery Within L.A. only

    If you live in Orange County your order will have to be big enough for us to drive out there. Call or email us for any special request.
  • Catering

    The minimum order for catering is $500. Please give us a few days to prepare and bake all the goodies before your special event. Call or email us for any special request.
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Clients About Us

I've order cup cakes, birthday cakes, ice cream and breakfast pancakes and I guaranteed they are the tastiest cannabis infused goodies you will ever taste.

Jasmine Dominguez

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Carolin Rayzer

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